✨ Profiles, Avitars, Identity, Ego

When I discarded my old avatars and profiles this past week, I made peace with who I am now, older than before, but more happy, more balanced and less shy. As I chose my new universal profile (for gravitar, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google) I scrolled through my photos and drawings looking at who I was before and how I looked then, and who I am now and how I look now. I was able to let go of my past youth and mentally move on to the 2019 me. I wanted to use just one avatar to represent my authenticity, whether or not a particular style would be better for marketing doesn’t matter to me, I’m comfortable with who I am without makeup ext. No offense to people who like makeup, it just isn’t me to care about it in real life and I want the digital world to organize my real life, not exist as a seperate facade. Discarding my past self along with my past avatar, helped me become more whole in this moment because it gave me time to reform a subconsious narative of this current chapter in my own life story.

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