๐ŸŒ  Weekly Life Improvement System

Just watched “If I,” on Youtube (Demetri Martin’s stand up comedy show about examining life). It reminded my of his point system. I like the idea of his point system, but also he got divorced in that time, so it makes me think it needs some tweaking. I inserted Arleen Lorrances love principles into the mix and aligned the catagories to my family values (which we just voted on this past month). This is my version of the Demitri Martin’s life improvement system:

Pono & Mind:

โ˜ Be the change you want to see happen instead of trying to change anyone else. -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ Create your own reality consciously. -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ See problems as opportunities. -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ Have no expectations, but rather abundant expectancy. -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ Read books. Do puzzles. Brainstorming. Drawing, painting, and/or sculpting. -Demitri Martin

Mฤlama & Body:

โ˜ Eat better. -Demitri Martin

โ˜ Exercise. -Demitri Martin

Aloha & Relationships:

โ˜ Did you let people help you/provide others with opportunities to give? -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ Did you receive all people/someone as beautiful exactly as they are? -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ See problems as opportunities. -Arleen Lorance

โ˜ Did you help a friend/stranger? Uplift those around you? Do something nice for someone? -Demitri Martin

โ˜ Practice Confidence: Be forthright and proactive in your life. -Demitri Martin

Kuleana & Career/Personal Management:

โ˜ Did you set weekly goals? -Demitri Martin

โ˜ Did you take daily steps toward achieving those goals? -Demitri Martin

โ˜ Money: Keep careful track of your income and expenses. -Demitri Martin

โ˜ Errands: Do your cleaning, marketing, and pay your bills on time. -Demitri Martin

(check in on my first weekly evaluation)

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