⭐ Life Improvement Third Week

Hello! This is the week three, it’s been a hard week (swollen eye, whole family sick), checking in a day late…

Pono & Mind:

πŸ—Ή Be the change you want to see happen instead of trying to change anyone else. -Arleen Lorance “Did this by starting rushing a lot less and putting my family ahead of the garden (still not natural for me – kind of painful).”

☐ Create your own reality consciously. -Arleen Lorance “I may have done that a little bit, but at the end of the week I got overly tired and failed to live the way I wanted to, failed to have the energy to even see it as an option.”

πŸ—Ή See problems as opportunities. -Arleen Lorance “I did that while I was disciplining my daughter, using some of the unpleasant times as learning opportunities and others were just failures, but those were opportunities to forgive myself as human.”

☐ Have no expectations, but rather, abundant expectancy. -Arleen Lorance “I didn’t do that, I was sad that while caring for my sick kids I wasn’t able to clean, write and garden, I was bitter at the time my family spent talking to me that I much much rather would have caught up on keeping the house clean.”

πŸ—Ή Read books. Do puzzles. Brainstorming. Drawing, painting, and/or sculpting. -Demitri Martin “Read Dinosaurumpus, Only Love Today. Worked on a digital drawing.”

Mālama & Body:

☐ Eat better. -Demitri Martin

πŸ—Ή Exercise. -Demitri Martin “I did T25 today body circuit, cardio, and stretch.”

Aloha & Relationships:

πŸ—Ή Did you let people help you/provide others with opportunities to give? -Arleen Lorance “I got help from my family to get through the days with the sick kids and swollen eye.”

πŸ—Ή Did you receive all people/someone as beautiful exactly as they are? -Arleen Lorance “I did that with my baby who was sick, but that was it, better luck next week.”

πŸ—Ή Did you help a friend/stranger? Uplift those around you? Do something nice for someone? -Demitri Martin “I think so, nothing big, but I think I made it this week.”

πŸ—Ή Practice Confidence: Be forthright and proactive in your life. -Demitri Martin “I wasn’t perfect this week, but it was actually more often than not.”

Kuleana & Career/Personal Management:

πŸ—Ή Did you set weekly goals? -Demitri Martin “Yes, here, still working on aligning my values and nature’s principles with my goals. Made some cuts (putting away dry dishes and brushing twice) because it was too much for me to really do.”

πŸ—Ή Did you take daily steps toward achieving those goals? -Demitri Martin “Yes, cutting the excess goals helped a lot, I actually didn’t get behind what my plans were, but still didn’t feel like it was enough. Still trying to shake the feeling of wanting to do way more than I really can in a given day or week.”

☐ Money: Keep careful track of your income and expenses. -Demitri Martin “I didn’t keep careful track, I am getting more mindful, yet haven’t made it a priority just yet.”

☐ Errands: Do your cleaning, marketing, and pay your bills on time. -Demitri Martin “Behind in cleaning, most things are getting done, but with kids, that is something challenging.”

10 Points of 15 Points = 66% for the second week of September. I wasn’t sure if the point system would give me too much or too little credit compared to real life (it is arbitrary after all) but it’s perfect so far. Since I checked out due to my swollen eye not being able to use the computer or do much of anything for about three days, I’m not surprised that I hit a below-passing score. I’m not trying to beat myself up, yet the unpleasant feeling I had about not living life the way I wanted to, pretty exactly matches the 66%. It takes a lot of mental effort to do well on this point system, not physical effort and not time, but a ton of mental and emotional effort and I didn’t have the capacity to be where I wanted to be this past week, but I’ll try to cut the loss, grieve the pain and move forward persistently the rest of this week.

How did the next week go?

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