⭐ New Life Improvement System Week Two

This is the second week with the new (second) system, it’s been a good week. I really cut back on how much I expected to do each day and then when my baby got his teeth in and kept me up all day and all night for three days it didn’t put me behind, because what I expected to get done finally aligned with what I could do. Even still I didn’t finish my project, but I took a lot of steps towards completion and I accepted that it was enough. Reading a lovely post, by Nomz, about how we can balance the process of evolution with the ability to accept and embrace yourself in the current moment. I continue to be super inspired by bloggers in other countries, of different ages, going through the same inner struggles as me, their insights help me, and I hope mine to them, and there is an interconnectedness that people falsely shame bloggers about lacking. People joke that bloggers only rant or write diatribes, but the truth is some inform, some uplift, some grow together. I’m not sure if I’m there yet, but I know from others that it is true and possible, that you can help others with the written or spoken word, whether it be in a book, in person, or on a blog.

Na Kanaka (Human Kind):

Life Time Goal: Live with Humility, Authenticity, Mindfulness

Using: Learner Strength (I’m still a bit rude in my daily life, but I can learn to replace that habit), Input Strength (I can swallow my pride, take advice and learn from others).

Large Practice: Assertive Communication

Tiny Plan: Become grateful and use problems as a time to connect with other people.

🗹 Gratitude Challenge – “It’s going very well actually. There was a phrase from Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun:” when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for everybody? Well then, you ain’t through learning – because that ain’t the time at all. It’s when he’s at his lowest and can’t believe in hisself ’cause the world done whipped him so! when you starts measuring somebody, measure him right, child, measure him right. Make sure you done taken into account what hills and valleys he come through before he got to wherever he is.”

🗹 Look Up – “Going well, I didn’t realize how much I ignored my daughter until I started doing a loose count of how many times I made eye contact vs kept looking at the phone to pay bills or my computer to relax or read ext. Now that I am aware I rarely looked at her, I can imagine why she doesn’t feel I pay attention to her, and she seeks a lot of attention to feel that she matters to me.”

🗹 Look In – “Going well, my daughter has been letting me into her mind a bit more letting me know it feels like I’m doing things with just her brother all the time. It has been a lot the past three days since the baby got four new teeth and is in a lot of pain. “

🗹 Connect with Other Humans – “Going well, sometimes a friend has time to get back to me and sometimes not, yet they all do check in from time to time and I treasure them all. One of my friends took the four tendencies quiz, I always love finding out which type people are.”

🗹 Read books or Articles – “Article of the week is: “Evolving Unfolds Your New Self” by Nomz, the book it synergizes with is Shaun T’s “T Is for Transformation.” Both describe accepting and thanking, who you are right now, to move forward with harmony into your best you.

🗹 Radical Acceptance – “I’m accepted an elderly neighbor who prefers long conversations, though I prefer concise ones.” I’m a noble out of the six types Noble, Socratic, Reflective, Magistrate, Candidate, and Senator), when I talk to “reflectives” it’s really easy to get annoyed that they are using my time to figure out what their point is as we talk vs me, I think first and then talk. Yet, I’m becoming more accepting and grateful for different types of people in the world. For me it’s not a light switch, on and off, it’s a percentage, I’m 70% able to accept reflective style communication now.”

🗹 See problems as opportunities. – “It’s going well, I cut my foot at the beach and I know if I hadn’t rested from the blood loss I would never have relaxed and enjoyed the moment either.”

Ke Akua (Spirituality):

Life Time Goal: Live with Serenity, Proactivity

Using: Intellection Strength

Large Practice: Kaizen, Kon Mari, Minimalism

Tiny Plan: Keep decluttering.

🗹 Malama Pono – Be forthright and proactive in your life. – “I think it’s going well, but sometimes it’s hard to know for sure if you are doing enough vs trying to do so much that it limits you via mental overload and exhaustion.”

🗹 Walk Away from Anger, Ego, Hate, Fear, Clinging to the Past. – “Walked away from thinking I can even give my kids all the attention they would like every day, maybe someday I can, but every day is currently unrealistic for me. I can give some attention every day and enough attention somedays and that’s all I can do, that’s my best.”

🗹 Boldly Celebrate Yourself – “In little ways, by speaking honestly in person and online, by getting little quirky items like a breakfast bowl made from a log, by making a monthly calendar of my feelings each day.”

🗹 Creative Endeavors: Brainstorming, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Writing, Architecture. – “Going well, using Rimworld to do floor plans.”

🗹 Create your own reality consciously. – “Again I was reminded of this, I cut my foot, but didn’t know and it didn’t hurt, when I saw the blood it started hurting a few minutes later.”

🗹 Have no expectations, but rather, abundant expectancy. “I am letting go of expectations little by little, let go of thinking we need to do school five days a week every week, it’s fine to have a few vacation weeks and also it’s fine to vary between 1-5 days depending on what other enrichment opportunities arise.”

Ka ‘Aina (That Which Nourishes):

Life Time Goal: Perseverance

Using: Responsibility Strength

Large Practice: Permaculture Gardening, Martial Arts, Stoic Living

Tiny Plan: Teach martial arts in the non-growth season, farm in the spring and summer. Stoic Quote of the Day (tidy up the farm this coming week).

🗹 Aloha ʻĀina – “Slow going fixing a drainage issue with the new veggie grow beds, yet going well overall.”

🗹 Be the Change you Want to See Happen Instead of Trying to Change Anyone Else. – “Going super well, meaning I started cleaning my stuff and everyone else started cleaning their stuff without being asked and the house looks better than ever before.”

🗹 Let People Help You/Provide Others with Opportunities to Give – “I let my husband buy me two $13 shirts and a $5 bike for my daughter, usually I only buy what I need, but it’s not bad buying some extra things sometimes as long as it doesn’t get out of control. I’m always worried because my mom always spent our rent money and had to beg for more when it was time to pay. That was so long ago now…”

🗹 Respectful Parenting – “Going well, main focus not being rude, teaching excuse me instead of talking over people, teaching talking about frustration in the common area or screaming in your personal space.”

Lōkahi (Harmony/Life Balance):

Life Time Goal: Resilience

Using: Resolver Strength

Large Practice: Self Leadership

Tiny Plan: Keep working with this Life Improvement System

🗹 Communicate and Illuminate Healing Reunite that Which has Been Broken into Unity, and Awareness (in Short, to Renew) – “Helping a neighbor with a poorly working car until her car situation is fixed.”

🗹 Set Weekly Goals – “Yes, this system helps me mentally hold what I want to do and review my accountability.”

🗹 Take Daily Steps Toward Achieving those Goals – “It seems like doing this review puts my goals in my mind enough that I will automatically arrange my week to make and meet little goals in line with this system. I don’t check the goals except for Friday, I do glance at them in the Habitca App as well.”

🗹 Errands, Cleaning, Paying Bills on Time – “Going really well, we fixed the broken drier (the thermal fuse was blown) now it’s faster to do the laundry, even though I was doing fine without the drier since I used either line drying or towel warmers as a substitute.”

🗹 Money: Keep Careful Track of Your Income and Expenses. – “I did finally! I like to use Mint.com, but obviously, it takes keeping mental track and making a physical note of spending as well (because credit card purchases say the store, but not the item).”

The New System First Week Review:

22 Points of 22 Points = 100% for the first time. 🎉 I like the new system, still thinking of commanding two points seemed very similar when I was doing the review, but I’ll leave that alone until I have more free time! Thank you (the reader), you guys keep my hopeful and consistent in this system! 🌻

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