⭐ Life Improvement Project Week 5

This is the fifth week with the new second system, it’s only been two days since the last post because that post was five days late, but it’s a different time in my life anyway. I was able to declutter my home and shift my attitude back towards gratitude, which changes everything. I realize this system is a little bloated so I’m looking for what I can achieve and what needs to stay.

Na Kanaka (Human Kind):

Life Time Goal: Treat Others with Dignity and Some Human Respect

Using: Learner Strength

Large Practice: Assertive Communication

Tiny Plan: Become grateful and use problems as a time to connect with other people.

🗹 Gratitude Challenge – “Going so well, not perfect, not by any means, but started collecting a quick note of one moment I loved with my son, my daughter and in general, they are all from today though not recycled from the past.

🗹 Look Up – “Going well, I caught myself slipping tonight when my husband came home, yet before it was reversed I caught myself being good only rarely.”

🗹 Look In – “Surprisingly going well, when I vent to my husband about the things I don’t like in my life I wonder about him, how hard he works to give me this life that isn’t what I want still… and how he is doing in general because I am so busy with our two kids and myself that I don’t even usually know or ask, but this last week I have been thinking about how he is and asking, maybe not enough, but more than before. “

🗹 Connect with Other Humans – “Going well, I’ve been putting my honest self out there and hopefully, I will be able to not get too sensitive when negativity eventually visits me.”

🗹 Read books or Articles – “Article of the week is: What I’ve Learned About Myself in my Brief Blogging Adventure, by Ebony, she explains the feeling of realizing she wasn’t a nice person, that happened to me about two years ago as well. Many people want to comfort you because it’s not looked at as being fine to be a not that nice female, yet males that are gruff or tough are often lauded… I like myself honest, I like myself responsible, I like myself with boundaries that protect what matters most to me, so sometimes that puts me in other people’s not nice box and I’m fine with that. I’d rather be kind to the people I love than nice to the people who would want me to do their bidding before my own is done. Being nice, in Hawaiian is summed up by the idea of “Aloha,” which means share the breath of life, it means to fill your own heart first, know love and acceptance yourself, then offer it outwards to the world. Very similar to the airplane oxygen mask recommendation, fix your air supply, then help others. I think nicer people were people who received love and people like myself are simply starting from a different origin or perhaps nice is just one flavor of people? Like milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate myself. The article was healing for me because I took too many criticisms of blogging to heart and this article is the kind of honesty that disproves the attacks that everything on the internet is fake or bloggers are all egotistical ext.”

🗹 Radical Acceptance – “Gratitude helps me, once I have something good in my heart and mind, accepting the bad is so much easier, it changes my perspective though not my circumstances.”

🗹 See problems as opportunities. – “I’m unprepared for martial art class this Sunday, but it will allow me to let the students design more of the curriculum.”

Ke Akua (Spirituality):

Life Time Goal: Live with Serenity, Proactivity

Using: Intellection Strength

Large Practice: Kaizen, Kon Mari, Minimalism

Tiny Plan: Keep decluttering.

🗹 Malama Pono – Be forthright and proactive in your life. – “Going well, I told my daughter when she was making me claustrophobic instead of holding it in because I was ashamed to ask for breathing room.”

🗹 Creative Endeavors: Brainstorming, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Writing, Architecture. – “Going well, starting to sketch more freehand just to sort out life.”

🗹 Create your own reality consciously. – “Going well, I have to keep challenging myself, but I can feel when I am living ahead of life instead of playing catch up and it feels great.”

Ka ‘Aina (That Which Nourishes):

Life Time Goal: Perseverance

Using: Responsibility Strength

Large Practice: Permaculture Gardening, Martial Arts, Stoic Living

Tiny Plan: Teach martial arts in the non-growth season, farm in the spring and summer. Stoic Quote of the Day.

🗹 Aloha ʻĀina – “Teaching is getting more organized and balanced.”

🗹 Be the Change you Want to See Happen Instead of Trying to Change Anyone Else. – “It’s going well.”

Lōkahi (Harmony/Life Balance):

Life Time Goal: Resilience

Using: Resolver Strength

Large Practice: Self Leadership

Tiny Plan: Keep working with this Life Improvement System

🗹 Communicate and Illuminate Healing Reunite that Which has Been Broken into Unity, and Awareness (in Short, to Renew) – “Going well from myself to myself, myself to my family, myself to my friends, myself to the world.”

🗹 Set Weekly Goals – “Getting in sync, cutting the excess.”

🗹 Cleaning – “Going so well.”

🗹 Money: Keep Careful Track of Your Income and Expenses. – “Finally keeping track of money more, not spending less, just watching carefully.”

The New System First Week Review:

15 Points of 15 Points = 100% this short week, that feels right everything seems to be falling into a beautiful balance without a struggle.

Thank you, readers! You honor me by taking the time to share the journey with me! 🌻

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