๐Ÿ’— My Heart Song ๐Ÿ’—

My heart song is a simple song used as an 8th grade warm-up for cello:

Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G

Today is not the first time I heard this song, Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 “Prรฉlude” (it’s been the only song that ever made me feel as if there is a God and his fingertips are stroking my face), but today was the first time I recognized it as my heart song.

I remember my daughter finding her heart song, a song that seemed to open her soul up and set it on fire, a song she loved from the first time and although she doesn’t hear it every day it never loses its power over her. Her song is “Louder” by Charice.

There have been a lot of songs that I enjoyed in my life, but only a few have touched me deeply and overall music has been a positive that pulls me out of thinking that humanity is cancer on the Earth (due to pollution ext). Maybe there are negative aspects of me, of people, of humanity, but to me, music is enough to prove, at least emotionally, that the average is better than bad, better than neutral, beautiful, to me the average is beautiful and there is beauty even in the ugliness.

I haven’t been writing as much because I am trying to digest some complicated transitions in my life, I could easily say I’m getting ready for the holidays, but it’s not true, I’m not big on Christmas, I decorated as much as I will the first day of December and even though I’m super excited about Kwanzaa I haven’t finished painting my candles, I haven’t hemmed my dress that is too long (it drags on the floor since I’m only 5’0) and I haven’t figured out how to wrap my headwrap that matches my dress, I haven’t researched the values of Kwanzaa deeply yet either, I hope those things are done joyously at my own pace very unlike the holidays I’ve lived through so far that were rushed through and unchosen. But I really wanted to write today to say there is this weird thing I call a heart song, it may have other names, but it’s a real thing when you find yours it will make sense.

It’s important to find, recognize and cherish your heart song no matter how humble or silly or whatever it is. I believe that now.

Next year I hope I can play mine on the cello, it will be an interesting feeling, I’ve played a lot of songs (or some at least) but never one that filled my soul, in the same way, as this one does.

I hope you too find your own heart song and when you do, don’t turn it aside as being too clichรฉ, or too simple ext.

I hope to be more consistent in writing soon, but I also want to do it in a manner that is enjoyable and unrushed, so it will require I get a lot better at time management and life management to be able to do it in that way, which I hope I do achieve in this coming year.

Thank you so much to you for reading, it’s been very motivating to read your writings and comments and have you share my life with me as well. ๐Ÿ’

2 thoughts on “๐Ÿ’— My Heart Song ๐Ÿ’—

  1. Lovie Price says:

    so good to hear from you again..i was wondering what you were up to! All good it seems..i’m not sure but i think my heart song is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams..i have had it on my shuffle since it came out and i listen to it whenever i am feeling down or uninspired…it just makes me dance and feel better:)


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