Lokahi = Restoring Life Balance

I made my own Lokahi triangle finally!
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I’ve been thinking about this for the last six months.

I’ve been thinking about the times I feel at peace, it’s not always because I’m doing more or making less mistakes, it’s when I am living in a balanced way.

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To be human is to err, to be human is to constantly experiment.

I am still making plenty of mistakes, but I face them with love and honesty and I am at peace with the mistakes now.

bursting with love
When you love your own mistakes, you are never short on love.

I am getting some things done, but I’m very much in the middle between the super clean super moms who work (I don’t) and the moms who can’t create stability due to being burnt out and overwhelmed or lacking tools.

I cook, nobody “cleans” (much) it works for us.

What I have done successfully lately is balance how much I can do and how much I have to take care of myself, I won’t call it self care because I take care of all of us (my son, daughter and I) together, we eat three meals together, we exercise together, we have some time apart, but actually most of the “care” activities we do together and that has made it easier for me to manage my time. There is a 1 hour breakfast block for everyone’s breakfast to get cooked, eaten, cleaned, this includes me, but not in isolation.

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To make a great life, hack away at the inessential.

What I’ve been finding is many parts of life have a very fine balance, like joy vs meaning, either extreme is less wonderful than a middle ground. Love vs impact, can be spending time with your own family/dog/spouse or helping the community/world. Even significance and truth are in conflict, the truth is we are such a small part of the world, yet in the hearts of those around us we still hold significance, we are nearly insignificant at the same time as we are emotionally someone’s sun, moon or universe.

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Small in the grand scheme, gives me plenty of room for error and joy.

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