๐Ÿ‘’ Heavenly Blue Morning Glories ๐ŸŒผ II

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Morning glories are nice, I could have morning glories.
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$10 for my favorite “small” store Amazon.
Hello morning glory seeds.
They all germinate for me, so I only started about a dozen (this time).

Chapter 1: A New Hope; I soaked the seeds in regular room temperature water for about a day and some started germinating in that after that first day (with a tiny light yellow root poking through the pointed end).

Simple peat moss to germinate in a saucer indoors for about a week, then into the “greenhouse”.

Chapter 2: The Nursery; I moved them to the saucer filled with peat moss.

Moist peat moss indoors in a trey worked well germination took less than 48 hours.
The seeds are full of food for the sprouts, not just a shell.


Chapter 3: A Dangerous World; Slug scare, but as a result took iron poison bait more seriously and started more proactively protecting the garden and weeding to keep the garden more accessible with less refuge for slugs. I realized that although unnecessary, gardening is really enriching and important to me, and I am willing to work through my fears of slugs or in general of loosing the garden to change or nature’s whims to try my hand at a new garden.

It seemed like a Kung Fu movie because it went “disrespectfully” by the sign – I get mad when slug advice says they don’t climb…


Chapter 4: Moving Out; It’s February 25th, the morning glories (two at least) got moved out of the “green house” (broken so it doesn’t hold heat, but still has the bones of a green house) and are hopefully going to start vining up our trees in the front garden my kids play near.

Made a rookie mistake not spacing the bars from the plastic, so when it got hot it broke there.
Still eating food from the seed, then drops the shell like an empty chip bag.
The only plant I’ve grown with that “X wing shape” so far…
Morning Glory – Straight Through the Fern Hard to See and Droopy

Chapter 5: Cold Winter Rain; So, two morning glories are outside, but it’s been really hard rain lately, so they look a bit under the weather… not dead, many are still in the green house, one of which had a slug removed from it. I planted some clover with the morning glories and noticed something had eaten the clover, thus found the baby slug. Looked up slug mating season so I would know when to expect the babies, it’s January, February, March, April, May, June, July (break for August and September) again in October and November (break for December) so… pretty damn often. The iron bait has seemed to work well, but still finding a slug here and there. Today I found a snow white cuban slug… since the poison went out in early February it would need more time to work and then extra time for newly hatched babies.

Hoping to see the flowers this year, but I noticed the last time I planted in summer seemed much easier on the plants.


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