๐Ÿ’€ Hidden Inspirations ๐ŸŒท

The awareness of life and death in the garden, is present, ever present, but softened by beauty.

Grim Fandango the most artistic game I’ve ever played.

Grim Fandango is a game where the dead go to work in cities like ours and there is corruption of afterlife train ticket theft… it’s a really cool game, very beautiful and funny.

In that game the dead become skeletons in the world of the dead, but if killed in that world they sprout blue flowers and die a final death.

There is a beautiful hill of blue flowers in the game, this picture doesn’t do it justice.

So, I want to turn my “pumpkin hill” garden into an emotional embrace of death and fall. Right now it was a huge chunk of ginger… like a 10’x4′ ginger bulb… which is bizarre. I chopped the stalks, threw 3 cubic feet of organic soil on top and planted pumpkins, yet the pumpkins “should be” 5′ apart and I had nothing else going on there…

Forget Me Nots $7 on Amazon

The Grim Fandango flowers have 8 petals and are not Forget Me Nots, but when adapting from Video Games into real life, there usually is a bit of a difference from reality that inspired the game, to the game, back to reality.


In the game Harvest Moo the “Blue Mist” flower has always been my favorite, it grows like a lily, but with colors of a Forget Me Not.

My favorite flower as a girl was a “Monkey’s Wort” which I can’t find in blue on the internet, but I loved the illustration I had on a learning poster, so I’m guessing it’s real and out there somewhere. It was blue, with a red stalk or runners… the combination of blue, red and green was somehow entrancing for me and also the idea of the ugly name with the beautiful appearance.

So, I’m putting the blue flower seeds on the pumpkin hill, they are said to be very easy and tolerant to either shade or sun, either wet soil or normal soil.

I ordered Blue, Yellow and Pink Flowers recently, the seeds came this week and I didn’t get started until today… because I didn’t even catch up to the morning glories I started on April 1st… so, I started finding places for the morning glories and put about a dozen into the garden… many got eaten in the shady part of the garden, not sure if it was chickens or slugs, they were there, then gone… and I know I have slugs and wild chickens.

The blue will make a fall themed garden, this is the song for that garden in my mind, Tchaikovsky’s Romance. I’ll be able to directly sow the blue flower, and should see them this year. The seeds are super tiny so it’s hard to handle them without them getting stuck together, they are black and even smaller than sesames, they look round to me.

The pink will go into the summer themed garden by the front of the house and along the dinning room windows. The pink flowers are from Spain, Canterbury bells, I think my climate will be okay, it’s possibly warm enough here in 10A. They are supposed to be germinated in complete darkness, so I can put down some card board, the pink flowers are a bit tall and I won’t see them the first year (just the greens). The seeds are long like tiny pencils, they look delicate and small. Once they germinate I’ll put them right in front of the windows and possibly along the pathway. The song for that garden is How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees, you need bees in the garden right… ha ha ha, ha.

The yellow will go into the spring garden, they are Marigolds, I’ve never done Marigolds before, they supposedly keep pests away (I hope so). I think I’ll rim around the whole drive way and square foot garden if I have enough sprouts, the version I have is “Lemon Gem” Tagetes tenuifolia, it should be able to go directly into the garden, but I think I’ll try greenhouse and direct sow on all three flowers just to see which works better here. My song for that is Moon Light Sonata by Beethoven, it’s dark, then light, it really lightens up at the end in my opinion like spring breaking through winter.

“The genus name Tagetes is for Tages, an Etruscan deity. The specific epithet tenuifolia means slender leaves.”

More About the Signet Marigolds

Of course me being me I also want to start a winter garden, but the bulbs for the white lilies (Easter lilies) I want there are not yet here…

I want to go take the chicks outside, so I’ll make this “to be continued” but I did notice it took a long time to allow myself these simple things I wanted and dreamed of, which were financially in my reach the whole time… and it always amazes me how individual plants are, some you can break apart with a shovel (like banana and ginger) and just stick in the ground, others like orchids are germinated in a flask with a partner fungal spore matching it individually (like a plant fungus soulmate) and everything in between. It still amazes me some seeds like beans and corn have strong roots, other ones like hemp will break if you transplant them, some plants like tulips are worth so much and other ones like dandelions are scorned (even though they are super healthy to make tea from).

Plants more than anything make me feel like “life wasn’t all for nothing”, don’t know if it’s true or untrue, but it’s a damn fine feeling in the morning and I like it.

Happy “you” day, thank you for being you and taking a moment to share a moment of my life, I’d love to share a moment of yours if you have a day in the life post or something like that please leave a link below I always wonder about the people I see reading, if you hate gardening, what you like, if you are surviving the pandemic alright…