๐ŸŽƒ 2022 Forty-first Week โ›บ

There is magic in sincere forgiveness; in the forgiveness you give, but more so in the forgiveness you receive. Terry Goodkind ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

GOALS THIS WEEK: Trying to get through kid birthday and camping.

Last Week: Been pushing hard in the garden.

This Week: The front watermelon bed has been going well.


Mental Health: Gathering strength to exercise and do paperwork and take care of my plants.

Physical Health: Doing much better, but still burning off a stomach flu with fevers here and there.

Social Health: Almost forgot about the math decathlon.


“Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.โ€

– Roberto Assagioli

โ€œThere is no small act of kindness. Every compassionate act makes large the world.โ€

Mary Anne Radmacher

Saturday: Last week bought soil to replant my son’s apple tree and then also some linoleum. The apple tree got replanted this week. My husband came to visit the kids late Friday night and the kids are really happy to play with him. It wasn’t bad having time apart and it also is nice to have time together again and help with the cars. It’s nice for my husband to notice how much the kids change and grow, I think being apart helps make it easier for my husband to see that, though I see it too. Went to a cool break dance event and it was really inclusive and fun and I was surprised how awesome it was to be there with friends and talk and play and enjoy the creative arts, which I always push aside but that always revives my soul.

Sunday: Last week my daughter got in trouble for breaking the rules of what she is allowed to do on tablets. This week I had a great time in the garden, I put down the path around where I wanted a veggie bed all year. I put weed cloth and mulch and then filled the bed with chicken manure compost, steer manure compost, Norwegian Kelp and vermiculite.

Forest to Farm

4. Mulch Paths 5. Add Soil Bed 6. Add Plants
1. Decide on Shape 2. Outline Shape 3. Lay Weed Block

Monday: Last week, I was pretty ill. This week we did a hike to see the lava in person for the first time, I was happy my son was happy. Amazing how much better I felt this week vs last week, I have my full strength and engergy back and I’m open to new things and new ideas, when I was sick I felt very careful not to start anything new that I probably couldn’t finish. My husband said I could have a $300/month budget to work on the garden and I really hope he doesn’t regret that or redact that later, because I’m excited to develop a plant start program, that’s where I feel like I fit into the community well.

Tuesday: Last week catching up on my journal and cleaning. This week, got a domain name for our scout group, adventurescoutshawaii.org, it was a long time in coming, but good we did that, we should also get a bank as well. Baked blueberry cake, chocolate cake and more chocolate cake for my daughter’s birthday party. Getting through the mochi and cake felt like it took all afternoon after laying hay mulch in the morning, and completing the pathway and moving the green house. This week was the first round of Amdro bait on Tuesday right before moving the green house, cutting down a tree and rebuilding the green house with the new wood. When I was moving the fallen down green house I remembered the rise stronger together banner down town and I felt a commitment to get back to where we were before the Kona Low and hurricane Darby.

Wednesday: Last week decided on a war with fire ants. This week my daughter turned 7, and I have to admit I like older kids better than little kids. I’m glad my daugther had a nice birthday with her friends, I was stressed about it, but then it was really fun and relaxing. So many people helped decorate or brought food or gifts, it was really awesome. I brought nasturtium flowers that I grew to repell squash vine tunnelers, it was pretty fun. We also had the coin microscope out for the kids, it felt pretty good between fun at the beach, friends and the microscope, though I do miss teaching karate class more often.

Thursday: Last week realized I didn’t have banana aphids, but rather flea beetles. Well I was getting ready for camping, a student of my student was finishing up Kindergarten math seven months early, he outpaced my own kids who had a head start of many years. That’s pretty cool, a lot of early learning focuses on 0-5, but this student was 5, so it’s cool to see for myself that 5 isn’t too late to start accelerated math or learn a new passion as compared to the 0-4 range. Actually, I’ve been learning cooking and dancing this year for the first time and I’m 37, so it’s really never too late, especially if you have a better method of learning. Like learning in a fun way, or learning from a master, or learning with friends, those hacks can help give you the advantage age may not give you.

Friday: Last week my daughter got a new bike, she had an old one, but getting a new one revived her interest. This week camping was fun, high interest in movie making, light saber personal values craft, the principal box craft, it was nice having help to load up after, it was nice not worrying about food, the after hike was nice, overall it was a good time for me and a good time for the kids, of course kind of draining, but I think years later the memories the kids have will be worth their weight in gold.

Secret Forest Farm

Cherry Blossom – Waiting for cold germination. โŒ›

Lavender – Cold stratified, germinated via heat mat single-side paper towel and light. The seedlings look fine. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Sunflower – Germinated in 3 days after 24 hour soak. Grown. Distributed. Growing well. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Morning Glory – Germinated in 1 day via cup of water to paper towels > grow bags > Distributed. Growing well. ๐ŸŒฑ They look good some are vining now. Some pest damage on the leaves, center holes medium size.

Roma Tomato – Germinated in 2 days via paper towel. Grown. Distributed. Some early blight! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Clover, Alfalfa – For the Hilo Garden A. ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Blueberry – Germinated in a few weeks paper towel method, spouts are so tiny, but doing well.

Raspberry – Germinating…

Koa – Germinated first week and kept stagared germination.

Something new this week: Helping the kids learn story boarding to make movies camping was really interesting, because as story teller and an artist I never did comics, nor animation, nor story boarding, so I never connected the art of story and the art of art before in real life and I think it was awesome that kids about 5 years old were not only able to, but well suited to put together making story boards and then filming the shots. Children are so powerful in creative realms.

Something good this week: My family helped me with the camping trip, loading, delivering, picking up, that’s awesome.

Something unexpected: I have a lot of new friends this year, I didn’t set out to make new friends, but a lot of people lost friends during the pandemic and shifted around socially after, so here we are.