The World of Bubble Gum Monkey (It Was Our World!)

Kaizen – Organization _____________________ Self Leadership _______________Consistent Gratitude

Life Improvement ________________________ Inner Peace __________________ Family Life

Article Flavors:

Vanilla Flavor = Kaizen (Positive Change): Habit Change, Organization, Decluttering (Digital Kon Mari)

Peanut Flavor = Self Leadership: Values Based Living, Life Balance, Attempted Productivity, Goal Setting, Dream Interpretation

Chocolate Flavor = Consistent Gratitude: Grattidude Challenge

Strawberry Flavor = Life Improvement: Weekly Goal Setting Life Improvement System

Mint Flavor = Inner Peace: Emotional Expansion, Radical Acceptance, Martial Arts, Stoic Lifestyle, Stoic Walks

Banana Flavor = Family Life: Book Reviews, Inner Meditations on Parenting, Conscious Parenting, Gardening, Four Tendencies

Sprinkles = My Blibary (Favorite Blogs)

Spoons = Contact and Voting