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Join Me in a Series of Books If You Dare

First Book: Gretchin Rubin’s “The Four Tendencies.”

What’s it About: why can some people get everything done, some people some stuff and others almost nothing despite being good people?

Would I Recommend It: Completely, even though Gretchin Rubin toots her own horn as an upholder a lot, this book explains so much of humanity to me. Why would people go to war/rebel when the laws protect the average person? Why is my husband always saying he is going to the gym this week, but not going? Why does my sister ask 10 questions if you ask her to do something simple? Why do I always complete my new year’s resolution when other people find it hard? Why do I push myself too hard like a leased donkey?

For Whom Would I Recommend It: If you like learning about managing others effectively or breaking down humanity into 4 types of ninja turtles (secretly or openly) this book is for you.

Get the book here. Quiz here. Podcast here. I’ve never tried the podcast (or any podcast) so if you liked it please let me know!

After you read the book we can discuss it. I’ve written (my thoughts) here don’t read it before reading the book! I’m interested in what you enjoyed or hated from the book (you can be honest, it’s not my book) and I have more to say about the book that I will write up if anyone else ever emails me about the book, please put Audible Book Club in the subject and send comments to sakurakaorimendoza@gmail.com

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Waiting, waiting, maybe someone will come to the book club…