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I’m a fan of dream interpretation. There is a lot of misinformation about dreams, but it’s a window into the mind and the soul. A world we spend a third of our lives in, a world I always naturally remembered well. If nothing else my dreams have been a place for emotionally trauma and red flags to exist when I denied them during the day, dreams were a way for me to get to know myself when I had lost myself. Dreams can have a lot of insight into health and emotions besides more exoteric stuff that I’m not really interested in. When you learn to interpret dreams in a rational way they can be a powerful bridge between the emotional half of ones brain, the soul’s deepest desires and the waking mind. I had the good luck to eventually find an easy and accurate method after reading a lot of other books that don’t make sense to me. Michael Sheridan’s “How to Interpret Your Dreams (And Discover Your Life Purpose).”

Long time fan of Michael’s radio show, I attended Michael’s class in Seatle and online, but I had learned to inturpret dreams in about 20 minutes with his really easy to use “I Am and I Need Formula.”

Learn the basics for free at Aisling Dream Interpretation in the Tutorial Section!

The beauty of system is that after you finish a worksheet most of the time you understand the dream as if it was a riddle and a feeling of clarity spreads over you, instead of with other dream inturpretation methods that have left me more confused than before I started.

I also keep a personal dream journal online so I don’t loose my dreams, Dream Journal Club. I don’t know why I always lost my dream notebooks in the past and it happened enough times I just wanted to keep them online to avoid that.

persistence of memory
Dreams have many crazy things going on without seeming crazy during the dream.
persistence of memory
To interpret the dreams well the skill of removing extra details to see the gestalt plot line and characters is tricky but helpful.

When I was young my dreams and especially nightmeres were super intense, so much that I had trouble knowing when I was awake and when I was asleep, because I could feel pain in a dream I couldn’t use the pinch test. That’s probably why I got so interested in dreams at first, it was easy for me to remember them and I wanted to know more about what they were. Now that I’m older I think that there are all kinds of dreams, venting ones with little important meaning, guides to living your best life and knowing yourself, clues about your health and even reunions with your loved ones who have passed. Instead of discounting what other people say their dreams are like, I’m now open to thinking that there are many kinds of dreams that happen to all of us over a lifetime. I was extreemly fascinated with dreams when I was pregnant with my first daughter, but since then I’ve been focusing on other hobbies more.