๐ŸŒœ My Dreams ๐Ÿ’ก

My Dream Journal

Reportedly the periodic table of elements and the sewing machine are both answers given to the questioners in dreams. I keep a dream journal off and on, but haven’t worked on it much lately.

One thing I don’t know is where do dreams come from? God, our guardian angels, or own mind?

Another is what dreams do, do they share secrets about our body or purpose, do they heal us, do they throw out memories from the day we don’t need?

One thing I do know is they can give you a picture of your own mind and your own psychology, which can be good if you have lost yourself or if you are out of touch with your own emotions.

If dreams are something more, I’m still not sure, but I’ve found learning dream interpretation to be interesting and rewarding and it really seems like at least our body communicates with our mind about our health during our dreams, that much is very interesting, it’s also interesting about the dreams we all seem to share, like being naked in school, loosing teeth and falling from a high place.